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What are Metabolic Equivalents (MET)?

Time and time again, we keep reminding ourselves about being active and staying alive! In spite of knowing the importance of physical activities, its always tough to maintain a daily routine simply to watch your calories and to stay active. At TryAround, our mission is very simple. We help you keep a routine and watch your physical activities and calories with the help of common day to day tasks.

You don’t need huge workouts or strenuous exercises to burn calories. With TryAround, you can do simple daily tasks and keep an eye on your weight loss, calories and do much more.

According to National Health Service of England - “It can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50% and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%.

It’s free, easy to take, has an immediate effect and you don’t need a GP to get some. Its name? Exercise.”

We all know the importance of keeping active. Its quite common for people to perform several physical activities at varied intensity levels. Because of these intensities and individual body measurements, its always difficult to evaluate the amount of activities one performs in a given period of time (Ex: Track activities by month or a week). Its highly essential to come up with a standardised common value to express these activities so one can track the progress, set goals and adjust habits, for example, sedentary lifestyles.

That common value is MET, metabolic equivalent of task or simply metabolic equivalent. It is a physiological measure expressing the energy cost (or calories) of physical activities. One MET is the energy equivalent expended by an individual while seated at rest. While exercising, the MET equivalent is the energy expended compared to rest, so MET values indicate the intensity. An activity with a MET value of 5 means you are expending 5 times the energy (number of calories) than you would at rest. For example, an activity with a MET value of 2, such as walking at a slow pace (e.g., 3 km/h) would require twice the energy that an average person consumes at rest (e.g., sitting quietly).

Hence MET (Metabolic Equivalent) is used as a means of expressing the intensity and energy expenditure of activities in a way comparable among persons of different weight. Actual energy expenditure (e.g., in calories or joules) during an activity depends on the person's body mass. Therefore, the energy cost of the same activity will be different for persons of different weight.

With TryAround, one can track and estimate MET values for a variety of physical activities that are sampled from a wide variety of individuals as a result of scientific research. TryAround uses these scientific MET values to not just estimate the energy expended, but to plan and track these activities efficiently. Hence this makes TryAround a great fitness tracker that is both cost effective compared to other fitness tracker devices in the market as well as its quite handy to install it on your iPhone that supports Apple Health. Above all TryAround includes an amazing personal planner to maintain & track daily physical activity routines.

TryAround comes with the comprehensive MET database as provided by the Adult Compendium of Physical Activities Research Group from many individuals, contributors and institutions like Stanford University, Arizona State University, Healthy Lifestyles Research Centre, School of Nutrition and Health Promotion. Its handy to view the MET values for each and every individual physical activity and make amends too. Above all, users can add their own customised MET values easily and efficiently with smart interfaces.

Why TryAround is for Apple Health? The reason is quite simple. Apple Health consolidates health data from iPhone, Apple Watch and third-party apps one already uses, so the user can view all the progress in one convenient place or export their data to doctors and physicians when needed. Since TryAround has a great planner for all the MET based physical activities, users can use the app as a centralised planner and tracker for Apple Health. Because all the workout sessions are automatically stored into Apple Health, TryAround is a great extension to Apple Health and iPhone devices.

Apple Health maintains user data in four segments. These are Activity, Sleep, Mindfulness and Nutrition. Move a little more, sleep tighter, eat better and take amount to calm the mind. TryAround’s primary aim is to assist you in the activity segment by being your friendly activity tracker and offering personal fitness workout plans. Its fun to create a personal activity plan & track weight loss & calories based on scientifically researched MET (Metabolic Equivalent) levels!

TryAround is your simple productivity app, an Evernote for all your fitness tasks and physical activities. The essential fitness planner and calorie tracker for iPhone.

Available on App Store!

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