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Walking for fun with Pedometer GO

At Pedometer Go, we take walking for real and serious!

Or is it just us? We think everyone needs to take walking seriously and do it for real! That's why we came up with Pedometer Go, not just as your personal step counter pedometer app for your iPhone but the app can really motivate your friends and family and makes it fun for them. Pedometer GO introduces something called "Step Text".

Yes, now, with Pedometer GO you can send a text message to your loved ones, to make them walk. Step text is nothing but a plain text something similar to an SMS. However, with Step Text, its just the receiver has to "walk some steps" to read your text message. We think this feature is fun and cool, and motivates your friends or family to walk a bit!

Go on, send a step text now.

Check out step texting directly with the free Pedometer GO app, only on the App Store.



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